Proof Marks : Proof 1 Proof 2 Proof 3 Proof 4 Proof 5 Proof 6

25. Portuguese proof on 1906 Portuguese contract Lugers.
26. Portuguese Navy proof. Indicates "Marina Portuguesa."
27. Brazilian proof found on 1906 contract. A similar proof is sometimes noted on 1906 commercial barrels.
28. German "Nitro" commercial proof. Found on Lugers produced after 1920. Receiver proof is upright.
29. Barrel proof, some 1920 Police and Double Dated Lugers.
30. Receiver proof, some 1920 Military and Police Lugers.
31. Receiver proof, some reworked 1920 Police and Military Lugers
32. Receiver proof, some post war reworked Lugers. (May indicate manufacture or rework.)
33. Simson proofs. Many combinations of eagles and numbers are noted. Right proof is the "parts" proof.
34. Receiver proof found on Dutch Air Force contracts.
35. Swiss "Bernerprobe" proof.

Courtesy of Ted