Edward Tinker
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1914 Erfurt Artillery Model


This is one of my two Lugerís that I own. Bought this one when I was stationed in Hawaii in 1985 with the Army. It is a 1914 Artillery model, Erfurt, serial # 6441, mostly matching. I have shot it many times and it is accurate with the longer barrel on it. The grips have been added and I have left them, because they are very nice and well done. Years ago I bought the original holster and a stock lug from Sarco. This must have been just after I bought the pistol, so around 1986. I started to build a stock and never finished it, but I will someday. Evidently these holsters are being reproduced, but I am sure mine is original, and I recently I noticed that you can buy cleaning rods for them. I did so off of an on-line auction company, although Shotgun News has them a bit cheaper. It looks original and fits nicely in my holster.

Photos courtesy of Edward Tinker