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1920 DWM Navy




Photos Courtesy of Ted Green  

This is not an actual Navy Luger, but a 7.65 mm (.30 Luger) that I reworked after the owner (a client living in Prescott Arizona), had the weapon rebarrelled by another individual that actually torgued the receiver out of alignment and made the action almost impossible to move. Witness the vice grip marks on the top of the Receiver when I got it (before pic with S/42 toggle link). The owner called this his "problem child" Luger and I got to fix the problems.

The owner asked me to replace the S/42 toggle with a DWM that would more appropriately match the 1920 chamber Reichwehr stamp and to additionally straw the sear bar and sear spring (not normally done) and do a TDJ (Total Doll Job) on the rest of the strawing work, muzzle and gold type fill. The barrel on this baby was discovered to have been relined when I was doing the muzzle polish. This is the most accurate Luger I have fired to date, and I personally hit a 12 ounce soda size can at 73 yds (paced off) on the first round at that distance.