Peter Illmer
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Two Heirlooms
Photos Courtesy of Peter Illmer    

I´m a compatriot of Georg Johann Luger - the father of the P 08 - an Austrian. I am living near Salzburg.(Georg Johann Luger was born in Steinach am Brenner, Austria, on the 6th of March 1849.)

The Luger P 08 Parabellum with Nr. 2827, 42 byf is a heirloom from my father-in-law. It´s a Mauser fabrication of the year 1942. All numbers are matching. The wooden grips are in a very fine, nearly new condition, and also original with the number 27 inside. The magazines are original but not matching numbers. In addition, I have the original ammunition in the original packaging. These cartridges are from 1942 and in very good condition. In all, this Luger seems to be nearly unused and very well cared for!

The second is an Artillery Luger of the year 1916, DWM fabrication with the number 1004, all matching parts, also matching magazine! The rear sight is adjustable from 50 to 800 meters! There is also a fine adjustment of the rear sight and fore sight. Also this long Luger, even though much older than the first one, looks nearly unused and also very well cared for! The wooden grips with the matching number 04 look like new ones! The wooden magazine bottom piece has also the matching number 1004. I bought this very beautiful piece from a German, and I think I have got a very nice addition to my father-in-law´s heirloom!

Every year I test both Lugers on the shooting stand. I shoot some rounds with each of them, and there never has been any jams or other failures. The functioning and the accuracy of both pistols is excellent.


Peter Illmer