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ERMA La 22

Left side of an ERMA Model La 22 ìLugerî chambered in .22 Long Rifle. This is a pistol constructed primarily of a light alloy. This model is not very durable, and is subject to parts breakage and stress cracking of the barrel extension.
Right side of an ERMA Model La 22 ìLugerî. The markings are, from right to left, ìMADE IN GERMANYî and ìCal 22 L. R.î.
Close-up of the model stamp on the left of the Model La 22.
Close up of the proof marks and serial number of this Model La 22. The West German firing proof can be seen on the barrel extension above the first digit of the serial number, and on the frame in front of the serial number. The three proof in front of the serial number are, left to right, the firing proof, the crosshatched shield of the Munich Proof House, and the two digit year of proof in a shield (ì66î = 1966).
Courtesy of Kyrie