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ERMA Luger .22 Kit

Prior to and during World War Two ERMA (Erfurter Maschinen -und Werkzeugfabrik, B. Geipel G.m. b. H., Erfurt) produced .22 trainer conversion kits for the Kar98k rifle and the Parabellum pistol. After the War, ERMA again began producing .22 conversions kits for the Luger. This is a photo of the outside of the wooden box in which one of these kits were sold. The Model designation is SE 08/12, and the serial number of this kit is 000508. A number of these kits were imported into the US in the mid 1990's, and this kit was purchased new for about $250 from SILE of Ossian, Ohio.
Photo of the same box, open to show its contents. The kit is composed of, from top to bottom, a magazine, the toggle assembly (with a toggle pivot pin to the left), and a barrel insert with a spacer a lock ring, and two locking nuts. On the far left is an ERMA lapel pin, the tool used to press out the toggle pivot, and the .22 ejector. The kit also contained , a manual, a warranty card, and the usual safety warning.
The above listed components are shown here out of the box, so they will be more clearly visible.

Close up of the markings on top of the toggle. Visible are the ERMA trademark, the Model designation, and the ERMA monogram.
Extreme close up of the left side of the breech block, showing the serial number, the West German commercial proof, the proof mark of the Munich Proof House, and the year of proof (1990).
Extreme close up of the left side of the barrel, showing the cartridge designation.

Extreme close up of the left side of the barrel, showing the West German commercial proof.
Extreme close up of the rear, bottom, of the magazine, showing the model designation and the cartridge.
Front piece of the manual, showing the unit assembled on a Luger.
Photos Courtesy of Kyrie Ellis