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ERMA Model KGPA 68 "Baby Luger"

Left side of an ERMA Model KGPA 68 "Baby Luger" chambered in 7.65 Browning (.32 ACP). This is an all steel pistol that, while it resembles a Luger, is quite different internally. These are also found in 9 m/m kurz (.380 ACP). This picture does not give a good feeling for size - the brown cardboard box upon which the barrel rests contain twenty-five rounds of 9 m/m Luger ammunition.

Close-up of the left side markings of the KGPA 68. The West German firing proof can be seen on the barrel extension immediately before the cartridge marking ("Kal 7,64/.32") and on the frame behind the take-down button.

Right side of an ERMA Model KGPA 68 "Baby Luger". Grip panels are a nice grade of checkered walnut.

Close-up of the right side markings of the KGPA 68. The "IAR SAN JUAN CAPO CA" is the name/address of the importer.

Close-up of the proof marks. From left to right, these are the firing proof, the crosshatched shield of the Munich Proof House, and the two digit year of proof in a shield ("87" = 1987).
Photos Courtesy of Kyrie Ellis