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1940 Mauser 42

Full left view of a collector grade 1940 chamber dated, 42 coded, Luger.
Close up of cannon.
Close up of left side. The firing proof is visible on the breech block, but is not highlighted.
Right side of barrel extension. Note two Eagle over ì655î inspection marks. The change over from E/63 to E/655 began in 1939, and completed in 1940. A few 1940 dated, 42 coded Lugers will be found with E/63 acceptance marks. Also note the Eagle over swastika firing proof on the barrel extension and barrel - the change over to this proof occurred in 1939.
Bottom of 1940 frame.
Bottom of 1940 barrel. Note serial number and barrel gauge. Witness mark on barrel and barrel extension is also visible.
Photos Courtesy of Kyrie