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Artillery Lugers

Three Artillery Lugers. From right to left, DWM 1914 Military chamber dated 1916, 1920 Commercial, Persian Artillery. On the 1920 commercial, note the absence of the 800 meter tangent sight. This pistol is also chambered for the 7.65 Parabellum rather than the 9 m/m Parabellum.
Close up of cannon markings.
Close up of frame serial numbering style.
Close up of 1916 dated cannon. Note DWM script, serial numbering of first toggle link and extractor, ì1916î chamber date. Rear sight is fine tune variation, and fine tune screw is partially visible in front of rear sight aperture.
Left side of 1916 dated Arty. Note serial numbering of barrel extension, side plate, and take down lever. Firing proof just visible on rear of breech block above barrel extension.
Close up of left side markings. Note fine tune index on left side of rear sight.
Right side of barrel extension. Note three inspection marks, firing proof, and firing proof repeated on barrel. The fine tune index is repeated on this side of the rear sight.
Bottom of 1916 barrel. Note serial number and barrel gauge. Witness mark on barrel and barrel extension is also barely visible.
Close up of 1920 Commercial Arty Luger cannon. Like many 1920 Commercials, an attempt has been made to remove the chamber date (1917 in this case). The attempt was not entirely successful in this case, as the chamber date was deeply struck. Viewed from the front, one can see that considerable material has been removed from the top of the barrel extension leaving the barrel extension out of round. This is one of the hallmarks of the 1920 Commercial variation.
Left side of 1920 Commercial Arty. Note ìGermanyî stamp.
Close up of left side markings of 1920 Commercial Arty. Firing proof is present, but not high lighted and so is difficult to see. Collectors, in an effort to determine if ìmatchingî pistols really are matching, will compare the style of numbers - note the distinctive style of the number ì4î in the serial numbers on barrel extension, side plate and take down latch.
Bottom of 1920 Commercial barrel and barrel extension. 1920 Commercial barrels were marked in a variety of ways - this barrel carries only the last three digits of the serial number and is not otherwise marked. Note also the barrel witness mark was over-stamped when the new eight inch, 7.65 m/m barrel was installed.
Close up of the top of the Persian Arty Luger cannon. Note the Farsi representation of DWMís name, and the Persian crest over the chamber.
Left side of the Persian Arty Luger.
Close up of the left side of the Persian Arty Luger, showing Farsi serial number detail. Note the four digit serial number, with a prefix. It was long thought that only about three hundred of these were produced, but the serial number on this one tends to indicate at least 20,000 were produced. So keep your eyes open :-)
Close up of the right side of the Persian Arty Luger. Note the Persian rather than German firing proof.
Close up of the chamber crest of the Persian Arty Luger.
Photos Courtesy of Kyrie