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1916 Erfurt

Great War Luger made at the Imperial Armory at Erfurt, chamber dated 1916. This is a ìshooterî - some one, at some time, installed a 7.65 m/m Parabellum barrel on it and it has been reblued. It came with a nice set of original grips that I removed and replaced with the shown E. German plastic grips. Erfurt Lugers, while less common than DWM Lugers, generally command lower prices than DWM Lugers due to their lower standard of finish (tool marks can be plainly seen in some of the following photographs). On the other hand, Erfurt was much more liberal with interesting inspection markings :-)
Close up of Erfurt 1916 dated cannon. Note crown over Erfurt, and the inspection mark forward of the crown.
Close up of left side markings. Note the inspection mark on the side plate (and another barely visible on take down latch).
Right side of barrel extension. Note three inspection marks (very different from DWM inspection marks) on the barrel extension and the firing proof. Another inspection mark is visible on the breech block. The crown over ìRCî is the stamp of the Revisions-Commission and likely indicates this Luger was initially rejected for Imperial service due to a failure of non-critical tolerances or external flaws, but was later accepted for service. The C/RC released the inspectors from liability if the Luger should later fail in service.
Bottom of 1916 frame. Note double strike of the ì92î portion of the serial number and the inspection marking on the front of the trigger guard.
Photos Courtesy of Kyrie