Joshua Winoto
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Dutch Luger
My name is Joshua Winoto of Indonesia and I have a Luger, well, I got this Luger from a friend of mine whose dad was a retired Indonesian army officer. The dad served in WW2 and post WW2. According to my friend, it is a Dutch Luger, and Indonesia was occupied by Dutch for 350 years prior to WW2. After WW2, we declared our independence, but the Dutch came back to reclaim their territory, and that was when we fought back for our own sovereignity. There are some proof marks on the gun, and I would appreciate any help anyone could offer to help me determine the year the Luger was made. This Luger has been my favourite gun since I was a kid, (BTW I am 29 years old now). It comes with 2 magazines. But the holster was made of rough cloth, similar to those used for rucksacks and there are some markings on the holster. There is a plate on the gun that says "Dept M 54", but I dont know what it stands for, 1954 perhaps? The date when the gun was 'liberated'? But there are marks that depicts '49'. The year when the gun was made perhaps?

Photos Courtesy of Joshua Winoto