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Navy Shooter
I have made custom luger parts for John V. Martz for many years, and through time we have become quite close friends. John had set aside a Navy two position sight for me, and I paid for it by turning out magazine bottoms that are utilized in his custom works of art. John went a step further, by sending me the rest of the parts that it would take to make a complete Navy shooter! I was surprised and delighted by this act of kindness! The parts although serviceable, were not what he would usually make into one of his custom P.08's, and they were mostly unfinished. After finding the forum, I came into contact with Ted Green and things took off from there! First, Ted did a beautiful job strawing the small parts!

There was no turning back from that point on....later, Ted rust blued the whole unit, and did a magnificent job! His rust blue is equal to, or better then, all I have seen to date. Ted had sent the grips out to Hugh Clark, who I have also come to know quite well. Hugh did a great job putting new life into a pair of tired old grips. All in all, the results are quite stunning! I take my hat off to all the craftsmen noted above.

Sincerely, G.T.

Top view, close up.
J.V.M. Navy rear toggle with 100/200 rear sight
Left side view, prior to rework Right side prior to rework

Left side view, after rework Right side view after rework  
Photos Courtesy of Ted Green