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1917 DWM Rework
(Comments by Ted Green)
This 1917 DWM was handed to me by Mr. Ralph Shattuck, famous Luger dealer from Phoenix. "Frank Manders dropped this off and BOY, (rolling his eyes) is this going to take a lot of work". This Luger is owned by Frank, and when I saw it I christened it "The Ugly Duckling". The pitting just COVERED the grip straps and trigger. Frank watched the progress of the restoration with interest. I sent him progress pics so he could "join in the fun". I rust blued this beauty and strawed and regripped it, and Frank now calls it his SWAN, quite a change from the UGLY DUCKLING!

Before (Ugly Duckly)

After (Swan)    
Photos Courtesy of Ted Green and Ralph Shattuck