John van Donselaar
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Dutch Lugers

I´ve recently had the opportunity to buy this Dutch luger. On the back of the frame I found a number of Indonesian/Asian (?) marks. Does anybody know what this could mean? Responses can be sent to me by clicking here

In 1904/05 the Dutch army ordered 174 pistols of which 10 had to be delivered with a new coil-type mainspring. This picture shows a contemporary copy of the original blue-print. This picture shows one of the 10 pistols which, according to the blue-print, are called "Pistool Parabellum 9mm (Hollandsch model)" with one of the (about 185) holsters which were made in The Netherlands, to go with the aforementioned (trial) pistols. I think only one inscription fits; "Reunited, and its feels so good!"
Photos Courtesy of John van Donselaar