Deaf Smith
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1940 Nickeled Luger

Photos Courtesy of Deaf Smith  

I obtained this Luger from a friend for the amount of $350 about 7 years ago. I had mentioned I was looking for a shooter a bit before hand. He mentioned he had a "family" Luger for sale. It happend that this gun had been passed around the family for over 20 years, moving from one family member to another. He had been trying to sell it for over a year, but nobody else apparently wanted it. Thus I got lucky. He didn't mention at the time it was NICKELED. I actually bought it sight unseen, and when he brought it over the next day, I was surprised to find a nickeled gun with Jay Scott ivorex grips (and a second pair of white plastic ones).

It came in an origional nazi holster. As I examined it closely and found it had all matching numbers(except of course for the magazine - which was not nickled). A trip to the range asured me that whoever did refinish it knew their job. the gun shoots like a house afire. No jams as yet and I have put about 700-800 rounds through it. I don't shoot it a lot, mainly just a box, now and again. It's a real joy to shoot, except for loading the magazine (new magazines), as I have purchased some modern aftermatket magazines to save wear and tear on the origional, and all 3 work perfectly. ( I have 1 triple K and 2 SS Mitchels) The nickel has held up well, there being only 2 spots of wear, one on the right side, and one on the rear under the sight. Gun looks excellent. I have since learned the whys and wherefores of the new finish and can only shake my head in wonder.

Well I ended up with what I wanted, a good shooter and a geniune piece of history. (When I first got the gun I did a foolish thing. I took the holster to a local gun show and sold it. Money was tight then, and the $75 I got for it paid for shooting ammo. I have since ordered a replacement holster from Tom Heller. One of the new Stoeger "Luger" holsters. Not an origional but I think it looks good.
Well thats the story of my shooter. Its not worth much as a collectable, but for my use, it's just fine and dandy!

Deaf Smith