Frank Buchholz
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DWM 1912; matching numbers (except clip); marked: 15th foot artillery regiment 7th battery gun No. 6, 1911; marked holster (B.A. IX AK - producer:F.W. Kinkel, Mainz) and tool; no reblueing, no rework

(Left to Right)

DWM 1916; matching numbers (except clip); 1916 holster and tool; noreblueing, no rework.

Navy pistol 04, DWM 1917; without holster and accessories; like new; noreblueing, no rework.

"Lange Pistole 08", DWM 1917; matching numbers (incl. clip), holster, mag pouch, leather, tool, cleaning rod and spare magazines; no reblueing, no rework.
Frank Buchholz