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Additional Specialized Firearms Websites and Discussion Forums

Walther P 38 Website and Discussion Forum

A website and Discussion Forum Dedicated to the P 38 Pistol

Walther PP & PPK Discussion Forum
A Forum Dedicated to the Walther PP and PPK Pistol

Broomhandle Forum
The Mauser C96 Forum is dedicated to Mauser Model 1896 pistol (aka C96, Broomhandle, the Mauser Military Pistol) - Moderated by Kyrie Ellis

The Sociedad Largo
A website and Discussion Forum Dedicated to the Spanish Pistols

People and services listed in the Links & Resources section below are, as far as we are able to determine, all reputable dealers or vendors, or appear so.

The Luger Forum makes no claim, and assumes no liability, as to the reputation of these vendors or services, and it is incumbent on the individual to perform his or her own "due diligence" by researching these resources, asking for references, asking questions of other members, exactly as you would for any other purchase, before dealing with them, to assure that you are comfortable doing business with them

Books and Reference Materials

Artillery Luger and Mauser Parabellum: This web site contains useful information about the Artillery Luger variations and the Mauser Parabellum pistols made after 1945 in Mauser. Initially under French control (1945 - 1946) and later the reintroduction of the Parabellum from 1969 onwards.

Mauser (INTERARMS) Parabellum Certification Service: Certification of the Mauser (INTERARMS) Parabellum pistols from the original Mauser Factory production books and ledgers.

Paul Mauser Archive: site focused on the Paul Mauser private archive. The Archive represents a unique and irreplaceable source of original documents that has been preserved until now and must be preserved for future generations.

La Connaissance du Luger - Published in French by Gerard Henrotin. Many excellent Illustrations are included, and many are online.

The Luger E-Books - Five Electronic books on the Luger Pistol Published in English by Gerard Henrotin... and downloadable for reading on your computer... Reference material bargains for beginners seeking knowledge about the mechanical design and history of the Luger, and who are saving money to buy their own printed library of classic Luger published references.  Great illustrations and photos.  Many other E-books about other guns are also available.

The Imperial German Regimental Markings [Revised Edition]  $30 each plus $4 Priority Mail postage  - Contact the author Jeff Noll, P.O. Box 7184, Ventura, CA 93006  USA

Richard James Gulyas  P.O. Box 2759, Dearborn, MI, 48123-2759 (313) 565-5557  -  22" x 30" Luger poster showing complete pistol, cut-aways & breakdown of each part. $12.00

Service Publications Books for the historian and collector of Militaria and Firearms.

Lugers at Amazon.Com  A single reference point for Luger books available at Amazon.


Luger Blueprints on CD - Click this link to find the source in the Discussion Forums on the Message Board.

Luger Firearms and Parts Dealers

Collectors Firearms, Simpson Ltd.  Gun Trader Specializing in Pistole Parabellum

Bob Adams  Collector Firearms including the Pistole Parabellum

KTS Pistols  Collector Pistols including the Pistole Parabellum (Germany based)

CMR International - Luger Presentation Cases, Holsters, Stocks & Accessories. (UK based)

Heller Arms Ltd.  -  Largest Supplier of Luger Parts in the US

Numrich Gun Parts - Surplus military and commercial parts including some Luger Parts

Wolff Gunsprings - Luger Replacement Springs

Popperts Gun Parts - Luger Parts and Machinist's Prints

Checkpoint Charlies - Collector Firearms including Lugers and Luger Accessories

Orimar Firearms Manufacturing, Inc.R.E. Romo, Orimar Corp, PO box 8767, Houston,TX 77249-8767, (713) 305-8540
Current Reproduction Stainless Steel Lugers  (Former producer of Mitchell, Stoeger and AIMCO Stainless Steel Lugers)


Randall M. Besseler -  Collector Firearms - Dealer Specializing in Automatic Pistols and Accessories



Custom Reworks
Ted Green  - Luger and other collectible firearm custom refinishing in Rust or Hot Salt Blue...Luger Repairs, Luger Reworks and Strawing Services

G.T. Specialties  -  Custom Magazine Bottoms in Quantity, and Magazine Repair Tools for Pistole Parabellum

Hugh Clark  -  Custom Grips and Barrel Replacements for Pistole Parabellum

Center Custom Cases  -  Custom Mahogany Presentation Cases for Pistole Parabellum

Mil Sec Defendor A B  -  Custom Reworks - Specializing in target pistols, including Lugers

Waffen Werle (German Language Site - some English) German custom gunsmith specializing in custom Lugers

Internet Auction Sites where Luger Pistols, or Parts, or Accessories are often found

J.C. Devine


Handloading Manual
Handloading info for 9mm Parabellum